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Zags laser focused as they head in to Final Four matchup against UCLA

"We’re not focusing too much on what we have done. We’re focused on this game against UCLA, and that’s the only thing on our mind right now," Drew Timme said.

INDIANAPOLIS — Gonzaga men's basketball is just two games away from going undefeated.

The team is now in a rarified air that may not have surprised some people coming in to the season, but for Mark Few? Yeah, don't count him in that group.

"I would have laughed. I would have absolutely laughed," said Few of what his reaction would've been at the beginning of the season if someone would've told him his team would be undefeated heading in to the Final Four.

Mark Few has laughed all the way to the pinnacle of the sport. On Friday, he was awarded two national Coach of the Year awards, one of which was from National Association of Basketball Coaches. He said that award is particularly sweet.

"Well, man, it is a huge honor. It’s a special award because it is from the coaches and that’s something I’ll really cherish," Few said.

Few will also really cherish is his team’s time in the bubble this year. He said it’s unfortunate that the Zags won’t be able to have the fanfare of the 2017 Final Four, but there are also some positives.

"The flip side of it is, man, is we’re so focused. There are no distractions. None of us having to worry about tickets and worrying about trying to connect with our families around the schedule we have. We get some great camaraderie, as if we needed anymore. It’s a great habit. All of us together on this, and it’s all we got," Few said. 

If there is anyone on this team who’s had a breakout tournament, it’s Drew Timme, but he echoes Few’s sentiment: The best thing about this run for him has everything to do with the team and nothing to do with the attention he's received.

"The favorite thing I’ve done is we’ve been winning. That’s been the only thing on my mind and that’s the only thing that I’m excited about. I can’t wait to get out there and play tomorrow," Timme said. 

And that brings us back to being undefeated. These Zags right now are just aiming to go 1-0 on Saturday.

"We’re not focusing too much on what we have done. The mission’s in front of us. We’ve got a lot we can work on and get better on. We’re focused up on this game coming up against UCLA, and that’s the only thing on our mind right now," Timme said. 

The Bulldogs take on the Bruins at 5:34 p.m. on Saturday, April 3. Fans can watch the game only on KREM 2.