SPOKANE, Wash. — Brian Pete is known as the team manager for the Gonzaga men’s basketball team, but last night that title changed as he suited up for the game against Creighton.

At Friday’s game, Pete stepped out in the Kennel not just as a manager, but as a player.

This type of ‘manager-player hybrid’ is a rare occurrence, especially for a program that just made the National Championship last season.

“We haven’t really talked about long-term yet, but I’m on the roster so we’ll just kind of see where it goes from here,” Pete said.

Prior to becoming the team manager, he played club basketball for the university. Now, he’s listed on the roster. While he is not sure if the role will be long term, he is ready to take on the position.

“This is a great group of guys,” Pete said. “I love being a manager and I’m sure I’ll love being a player just as much.”