Former Gonzaga Basketball star Adam Morrison cleared the record about his alleged “post-apocalyptic bunker” that was revealed by GU senior forward Kyle Wiltjer.

Morrison appeared on “The Vertical Podcast with JJ Redick” that was released on Monday. He said on the podcast, referring to Wiltjer, that he had never been to his house and that he did not have any sort of bunker. He said he does own two gun safes and owns everything legally.

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Here is the transcript of the answer when asked about the bunker by current Los Angeles Clippers player and former Duke star JJ Redick:

“There is no truth to that. Let me set up the whole situation. I am from Washington. It is a very friendly gun state. It is kind of like Texas where you can buy a rifle, you can buy a hand gun and wait five days. So I own 80 acres. I go shooting maybe once a month on my property. I do everything legally, obviously I am not a felon or anything like that. In today’s day and age I have to say all of that just to make sure. The kid has never been to my house so I do not know where he got the idea of a bunker but I have a closet with two gun safes, I guess, so that’s where the idea came of having a bunker I guess.”

Wiltjer appeared on the podcast “Pardon My Take” for theMarch 24th edition and said Morrison owns his own Doomsday shelter.

Wiltjer said he has never seen the bunker, but has discussed it with Morrison himself.

Morrison said he found out about the comments while he was golfing. He also said he does take seniors and show them how to shoot on his property if they ask.

“All the stuff people have ever said about me, usually I don’t mind because, like I said earlier it is all about clicks and all that," Morrison said on the podcast released Monday. "I understand and I am a realist. I understand the culture. I get it but I am not Ted Kaczynski. I am not destitute and crazy. I go shooting and, you know, in a state where is allowed.”

Morrison went to Mead High School and set Greater Spokane League scoring records during his time as a Panther. Morrison is the highest Gonzaga player ever drafted in the NBA, going third overall in the 2006 draft to the Charlotte Bobcats after leading the country in scoring his junior year.

Redick and Morrison both had standout seasons during the 2005-2006 college basketball season. They were regarded as the top two players in the nation and even appeared on the cover of the March 6, 2006 edition of “Sports Illustrated” with the title, “Who’s the Best?” The two shared many of the national player of the year awards that year. Although, Morrison said Redick “won all the good ones” during the podcast.

Morrison recently spent time as an assistant coach with Gonzaga while going back to school to earn his degree in sports management in 2014.

Morrison said he is currently enjoying his time occastionally coaching his daughter’s basketball team.

You can listen to the full podcast with Morrison here.