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Christian Jones, brother of Zag Jeremy Jones, opening clothing store in Spokane

Christian's store, 4 AM, features both vintage clothing and clothing from his own brand under the same name.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Back in 2015, Former Zag Jeremy Jones made a decision that his brother, Christian Jones, had no idea would have such a large impact on his life. 

That decision was Jeremy deciding to come to Gonzaga. 

"The only reason that I’m in Spokane is sports and Gonzaga," said Christian.

Three years into Jones' tenure at GU, Christian started a fashion brand called 4 AM. 

Now, four years later, he’s opening the brand’s first 4 AM store right here in Spokane this weekend, which features both their own clothes and other vintage threads.

"My dad wakes up at 3:45 every morning and goes running at 4 AM," said Jones, explaining the brand's name's origin story. "He’s the hardest working person I know, so growing up that was always a time for me that stuck in my head. Then whenever me and my brother would visit him in Houston, we would always go running with him at 4 AM. I really feel like that’s been one of the secrets to our success. Just starting our day early and getting to it."

Rest assured, or maybe not at least in terms of the rest, that’s exactly what Christian is doing now. 

But why open a vintage store in Spokane, compared to anywhere else?

"I just have met so many cool people here and so many people who are just like me and like the things that I like. I knew that there wasn’t a place here where you could really get that," said Jones.

Christian hopes his store serves those people, in particular the Gonzaga student population that his brother was recently apart of.

"Gonzaga kids can know that if I want to wear something nice, I know where to go. Whether or not that’s going to Jack and Dan's or The Globe or anywhere out in Spokane, they have a place to come in and dress nice," said Jones.

The journey for Christian to get here hasn’t been overnight, but you can tell this certainly feels like a dream come true.

"I literally felt like while I was in Houston, my spirit was calling me here. I’m just really walking in that, for real," said Jones.

4 AM’s grand opening is this Saturday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m., and they’re open every day of the week from that time except for Mondays.

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