SPOKANE, Wash. — This is going to be a big weekend for Gonzaga men's basketball.

Not because they have a big game and not particularly because of Selection Sunday. It's more about what happens before it.

Gonzaga is currently a one seed, for now. All that could change though based on some conference tournaments this weekend.


Selection committee chairman Bernard Muir told NCAA.com on Thursday that there are seven teams currently vying for a one seed in the NCAA Tournament.

He didn't stay which teams, but here's an educated guess. Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Gonzaga are currently one seeds. Two seeds that are looking to grab a top spot are Duke, Tennessee and LSU.

Muir said head-to-head is important, but not the ultimate determining factor when it comes down to it. Overall resume is most important.

It'll be interesting to see how much weight Gonzaga's loss to current two seed Tennessee and beating current two seed Duke matters.


Gonzaga is probably the lowest one seed after losing to Saint Mary's.

A win in that game would have locked up a top spot in the west region, but alas.

One should credit the fact that they beat all their conference opponents in the regular season by double digits. The West Coast Conference being better this year certainly helps the Zags, too.

Here's a big reason why you have to keep Gonzaga a one seed for now. They have the second highest NET rating.

On top of that, all their quadrant one games, are on the road or at neutral sites. Out of that they came out of that with a winning record of 4-3.

That's up there in the toughest quadrant one schedule among teams at the top.

Once again, the WCC being better this year helps. That road win against San Francisco would not have been considered quadrant one last year.


The problem for the Zags is they didn't win their conference tournament.

When you're in the WCC, that's a problem if you're trying to get a top seed. All the teams around them have played more quadrant one games, won more of them, and lost about the same amount overall as Gonzaga.

There are some major conference tournaments wrapping up this weekend that could produce results that would bump Gonzaga off the one seed line.

Duke could get a one seed if they win the ACC Tournament. The same goes to Tennessee and LSU in the SEC..

The thing to be concerned about if you're Gonzaga is a lot of the one seed teams might not fall even if they lose in their conference tournament semifinals or finals..

Why? Because it will be against top competition.

Take the ACC for example. If North Carolina loses to Duke or Virginia could you really bump them down from a one seed? They'd certainly have a tiebreaker over Gonzaga by beating them.

We talk about teams being on the bubble trying to get into the NCAA Tournament. But there is also a bubble for being a one seed in this tournament.

And if Gonzaga wants a one seed, they better be hoping for teams like Tennessee, Duke and LSU to lose.

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