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Zagged out: Marcus Dawson's room displays Gonzaga fandom

Marcus Dawson went viral on Gonzaga Twitter a few weeks ago when his brother tweeted out a video of his room.

One step into Marcus Dawson’s room and there’s no doubt that he loves Gonzaga.

"That’s my favorite place to go to actually," said Marcus when asked about his experiences in The Kennel.

The room has taken a lot of time and work, but it’s definitely a labor of love.

"Probably the past two years, two or three years," said Marcus' brother Brad about how long it has taken to fully decorate the Gonzaga themed abode. "I just started one thing at a time. One of the things we like to do is go to the Zag store, and so every few weeks I let him pick out one or two things and we just work our way up."

All of their hard work culminated when Marcus had the idea to show Josh Perkins and Geno Crandall his room via Twitter.

"It showed me the power of social media," said Brad of how big the tweet got. "I was blown away by it. It was just something that he wanted to do to see if Josh Perkins or Geno Crandall would see it because he likes to show off his room and when they replied, it took over. I thought it was pretty impressive actually. It just shows you how big and impressive the Gonzaga community is.

Marcus’s room isn’t just about the Zags though, it’s a visual representation of him and his brother’s relationship.

"Because I’m a fan, I think by osmosis he became a fan," said Brad. "We talk at least three times a day on the phone. Probably all three phone calls have something to do with Gonzaga. 'When are they playing? When are we watching the game? Are we going to try to go to a game?' This is how we connect. Gonzaga is how we connect."

So what would it mean to the brothers if Gonzaga was cutting down the nets in April?

"It would be the greatest," said Brad. "I would love it. It would be a lot of Speechless, actually. I don’t know what to say."