Mark Few is a coach unlike any other.

The head coach of Gonzaga’s men’s basketball team, Few still thinks his team was good enough to win the 2017 NCAA Tournament, even though the game resulted in a 71-65 loss after Gonzaga tied up to North Carolina with 1:40 remaining.

Despite the loss, Few still want to watch the final game.

He set up to watch the Final Four game a day before he and his family were set to leave for vacation. He intended to watch the entire Final Four. First the win over South Carolina in the national semifinals and then the loss to North Carolina.

His retelling of the night he tried to watch the game is quite the tale.

"There was nothing going on. I had a couple of beers. So I'm like, 'I think I'm going to watch those games,'" Few said. "So I go to pull them up on the DVR and Marcy, my wife, has ... deleted everything.”

Few continued the story with a description of all the TV shows his family has recorded that were deemed more important than the game.

“My daughter has 47 episodes of a Disney show on there. One of my sons is totally addicted to Modern Family. So there are 57 Modern Family episodes on the DVR. And Seinfeld. The Voice. Everything,” Few said. “And I'm like, 'You deleted my greatest professional achievement, after 30 years in the business, my greatest professional moment for 47 Disney episodes? What were you thinking?'”

Few was laughing while telling this story. While he is not one to get angry, he said he was still “flabbergasted.”

"Marcy and I never get into fights, never argue," Few said. "But I've never been as pissed. Gone. Everything. The South Carolina game. The North Carolina game. The win over Xavier [in the Elite Eight] — the game the Zags won to go to their first Final Four. All gone. I just wanted to see the looks on my guys' faces. But it's all gone."

So for now, Few has his memory to rely on for those games that saw Gonzaga advance to a Final Four.

Few said he remembers the journey fondly and has chosen to focus on the big picture rather than those final 100 seconds of the season.

"We took everybody's advice and enjoyed the hell out of that whole ride," Few said. "We had a blast."

There just one thing he said he needs to do for the future.

"And now I just need to get a passcode on my DVR," Few said.