Former Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt said Sunday he thinks women are incapable of knowing about football and that they should stay out of "male spaces."

It comes days after Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was criticized for saying he thought it was "funny" that a female reporter was asking about wide receiver routes.

When Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked Newton on Wednesday about wide receiver Devin Funchess' route running, Newton smiled and said, "it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. It's funny."

Moffitt, who has been out of the league for four years, hopped on Facebook Sunday to defend Newton. (Editor's note: We have kept Moffitt's spelling and grammatical errors for transparency.)

"Women don't know football- most guys barely do," Moffitt wrote. "Stop coming into male spaces and demanding respect.. guys care about the substance of things not the appearence. Just because networks like a sexy sideline reporter for you to look at doesn't mean cam is sexist for questioning the authenticity of her game knowledge."

Moffitt continued, suggesting that if female reporters are so knowledgeable, they should be in the broadcast booth.

"he was laughing because she was fed that question like most of her kind are. If women are so knowledgeable with a game they can't play let them do play by play or color commentary.. but no," Moffitt wrote.

Beth Mowins from ESPN has been a college play-by-play announcer for years. This season, she called one of the two Monday Night Football doubleheader games during the opening week.

Moffitt then called out the television networks.

"and women don't even see that it's not cam but the network that's sexist, or just can't lie about the truth," Moffitt went on.

"Women don't really know the game- they are incapable. Yet in this society where a women can do anything a man can do and men can do nothing this is a rock and a hard place. Personally, I thought it was funny too!" Moffitt concluded.

Newton issued an apology on Twitter Thursday following the backlash he received.

Jessamyn McIntyre, a Washington State Cougars radio sideline reporter, and producer at 710 ESPN Seattle said Thursday she felt the comments by Newton were not an issue at large among male athletes.

Moffitt played for the Seahawks in 2011 and 2012 before being traded to the Denver Broncos. He has been out of the league since 2014.