SPOKANE, Wash. — This spring, former Gonzaga Prep star and University of Oregon women's basketball forward Oti Gildon is going to accomplish something nobody in her family ever has.

She's going to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree.

“Being the first in the family to finish a four-year degree is awesome," Gildon said. "I have younger siblings, so for them to look up to somebody who has been through it and go to to ask questions is always something i wanted to do.”

But she's not only giving advice to siblings, she's giving it to her mother, too.

“Here i am again, hitting the books," Oti's mom Talesha Roberson said. "I work full time, full time mom full time wife and now i’m a full time student online.”

Roberson is currently a Junior, majoring in humanities online at Eastern Washington University.

She's earned a couple of Associate's degrees in her life. She says school sure has changed since then because of technology.

“I don’t know what they did with school, Roberson said. "They done changed the game it’s different from twenty years ago going to school.” 

But Gildon knows her mom can handle it.

“She's book and street smart," she said. "She's been around the block."

Roberson isn't sure what what she wants to do with her degree when she gets that cap and gown. Motivational speaking is something that interests her though.

She says she does know for sure that no matter what, when she gets that degree, sky is the limit.