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'It's a part of history': EWU fans pick up their pieces of 'The Red'

The school got new red turf this summer, so they decided to sell their old red turf to their fans.

CHENEY, Wash. — There aren't any sports happening at Eastern Washington right now, but Wednesday Roos Field's parking lot was plenty busy.

There wasn't anything for fans to watch. However, there was something for them to pick up.

Eastern fans streamed into the parking lot through out the day to nab their piece of Eastern's iconic red turf.

The school got new red turf this summer via a donation. Instead of just getting rid of their old red turf, they decided to sell it to fans in various sizes.

"Oh, it's so cool. It's a part of history. Honestly, it's kind of a legacy now," said Eastern alum Kelsey Hatch-Brecek.

Eastern's red turf is polarizing for football fans. Regardless, it's still a trademark for the university as it's the only red field in college football.

"You almost forget after having it here for 10 years, how red it really is. I love it. I love how our opponents hate it. I love that," said Hatch-Brecek.

The school says they've sold 37,000 square feet of the 40,000 square feet of red turf available to fans. Sizes vary from tailgate size to doormat size.

"I'm probably going to frame them both and put them somewhere in my home and somewhere in my office. I'd put both in my home, but my husband has absolutely said, 'Okay, too much stuff,'" said Hatch-Brecek with a laugh.

It certainly felt like a celebration in the parking lot on Wednesday. Some fans, like Hatch-Brecek, came ready as this is as close as they'll get to being involved in anything Eastern Washington athletics related for awhile.

"My flags are up. It's like game day for us pretty much. This is a very good pep in your step that all of us need," said Hatch-Brecek.