There are a lot of perks that come with making it to the NFL. Among the top is a spot in the greatest video game franchise: Madden.

Cooper Kupp is in the game.

Madden 18 doesn't come out until late August, but player ratings are out. Kupp comes in at 74, but that is just the start with a long list of ratings that contribute to that overall number.

KREM 2 asked the Rams wideout's former team what they thought of his ratings, some of which they took exception to.

Rookies typically have low numbers to start their career. Top pick Myles Garrett is an 83 overall. The best receivers in the 2017 class, Corey Davis and Mike Williams, are 79. Former Husky John Ross comes in at 77.

Here's are some of Kupp's ratings:

Overall: 74

Speed: 86

Acceleration: 90

Strength: 65

Agility: 92

Awareness: 64

Catching: 85

Carrying: 75

Throw Power: 48

Throw Accuracy: 28

Run Block: 58

Pass Block: 46

Tackle: 31

Jumping: 76

Kick Return: 84

Injury: 89

Stamina: 94

Toughness: 85

Trucking: 54

Elusiveness: 79

Ball Carrier Vision: 83

Stiff Arm: 78

Spin Move: 74

Juke Move: 82

Impact Blocking: 54

Spectacular Catch: 86

Catch in Traffic: 82

Route Running: 82

Release: 73