It was a hard fought win over Cal this weekend for the Cougs but they got it done, even if that meant getting the game winning touchdown on their final drive.

One of the stars of that drive was Easop Winston. He's really come alive the past few weeks, and now he's tied for 12th in the conference for passing yards with 555.

"He runs great routes," Mike Leach said of Winston. "Part of it is just the two of them (Minshew) getting familiar with one another because they hadn't played together much. Easop, as he's gotten in shape, his skills have improved more and more. Easop has always been a pretty precise route runner."

Wazzu now turns their attention to Colorado, and for Colorado native Max Borghi, that means a bit of a homecoming. The freshman says he expects hundreds of friends and family to be in the stands on Saturday. They’ll get to see him a lot, because Borghi has played a considerable amount this season.

"Looked promising right away in fall camp. He had a consistency and he's very coachable to the point that you tell him something once and he pretty well takes care of it. I would say about half way through camp we knew he was going to start."

Mike Leach didn’t offer a ton of thoughts on the Buffs on Monday at his presser, but he had a lot of thoughts pertaining to one thing CU related, Ralphie the Buffalo.

"That buffalo and Mike the Tiger? Utterly outstanding. Then it's got the handlers. They're not pulling the buffalo, they buffalo is pulling them. You see these kids running aside these buffalos and sometimes they'll wipe out. I grew up in the west, what can you say? Buffalo? That's hard to argue with unless you have a live grizzly bear out there or something. Part petting zoo, part football, although I don't know if Ralphie will let you pet him."

The Cougs and the Buffs kick off at 12:30 on Saturday on ESPN. We’ll of course have you covered all week long.