SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Chiefs training camp started this week and forward Adam Beckman returns to the team after a big summer.

He was selected in the NHL Draft.

It was a nervous process for him. He was expected to be taken around the third round. The left wing was there in the stands at the draft, waiting for his name to be called. 

"I think the biggest thing is you just never know," Beckman said. "It was a little bit nerve-racking, and I was a little bit worried. As my (draft) range came around, I was a little bit nervous."

At pick 75 in round three, Adam Beckman was selected by the Minnesota Wild.

"The biggest thing was probably just relief because it was so nerve-racking and stressful sitting up there," he said.

But before he'll see playing time in the pros, he needs to get stronger..

"That's the biggest thing I need to focus on," Beckman said. "You know a lot of guys will say they need to put on strength, but for me it's pretty obvious. I need to put on strength. That's my main focus."

He's already put on 10 pounds this year, and he plans to put on some more.

"As much as I can to where I can still feel comfortable," he said. "Some guys get a little too big and then they aren't comfortable. I want to be able to play comfortable, but be strong as well."

With that weight, he'll look to play more physical.

"Physicality is something I've always tried to implement in my game," Beckman said. "That's something I've thought about this summer and want  to use more this year."

If he puts these things together, along with already being a potent scorer, watch out.

Beckman led the Chiefs in goals last season as a rookie. He was the first rookie in team history to do so since the 1998-1999 season.

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