Kittitas native and Gonzaga commit Brock Ravet has dreams, and it started at a young age.

“People have always say small town kids can’t play at the highest level so I just want to prove everyone wrong.”

“Early on you could tell that he really had a passion for basketball,” said dad and high school head coach Tim Ravet. “I had coached high school basketball when he was two, three. He would come to the games and watch. He’d come home and we’d be two ball dribbling a lot in the kitchen. Just spending a lot of time with a little basketball, shooting it at a little hoop with two ball dribbles, threw the legs and all that.”

That work ethic continued and continued until eventually Brock wound up in front of one of the top coaches in the country.

“I don’t think they knew who I was before I came to (Gonzaga) team camp,” said the reigning Washington Gatorade Player of the Year. “It started with one coach at one of our games, and by the end of it, it ended with Mark Few at it.”

The offer from Gonzaga came almost immediately after that camp. Brock’s response was almost immediate as well.

“Right as they offered me I verbally committed. I did consider other places, but once they kind of said that I was kind of dead set on that. Gonzaga’s been my dream school since I was growing up watching them.”

Ravet kept dreaming. He won a second straight 2B state championship last year while averaging 31 points, nine assists, nine rebounds, and three steals per game last season.

“Winning the state championship, that’s probably the best feeling I’ve ever had with my teammates,” said Brock.

“Ten years from now, thirty years for now as the fish gets bigger, it’s going to be even a cooler deal in their minds,” said Tim. “Those memories are something that is going to last forever.”

So what’s the key that has made this Kittitas squad a team people won’t soon forget?

“The chemistry and the camaraderie and the feeling of playing together, I think we have it as good here as anywhere,” said Tim. “I truly believe this group of kids are probably the closest we’ve ever had.”

“We’ve grown up playing with each other so we know each other a lot. We truly do love each other and it’s really good to have everyone that close to each other,” said Brock.

That means that in Brock’s senior season, he’s got more memories to make.

“Just because we’re pretty full and we’ve had a lot of success and we have a couple rings, we kind of put those under the pillow. We put some more goals and some more things back under that pillow and we go back to work,” said Tim.

“I’m definitely trying to soak it up. Just play with my friends and hang out with them."

Brock is teeming with dreams, and he ain’t done yet.

“There is a reason why we went to Gonzaga,” said Tim. “One, because it’s Brock’s dream to play there. Two, as a father, more than a coach even, knowing the type of program I want him to play in, the type of coaching that he’s going to get, the style that they play, the comradery of the kids and how the program reacts, the community... It’s the perfect scenario for my son. All he can do is work his butt off and see what happens.”