SPOKANE, Wash.-- Officials from the City of Spokane announce plans to help Westview Manor tenants on Wednesday.

City leaders met with tenants Tuesday and said the meeting was successful.

The tenants of the apartment took their frustration to the city council on Monday after they were told in late May their rent would increase by almost $500.

Many tenants voiced their concerns to the council. Tenants proposed a program that would help them with moving costs. They also said they wanted a law that requires landlords to give more than a 30 day notice when rent goes up substantially.

"I never planned on being a voice for anybody in this situation until it happened to me and the people I live with," said Westview tenant Jeremy Logan.

Logan, along with other tenants believe that the rent hike was unfair, especially since they were given a month to come up with the extra money or move out.

The City announced on Tuesday that they are working with the Landlord's Association of the Inland Northwest.

"I don't want to seem ungrateful that somebody is at least trying to do something for us. My only concern is that because we are in the media and everything we are used as an example as something being done and nothing else changes," said Logan.

Logan and the other residents hope that the city and its partners will not stop there. They want to see more regulations that will protect all renters.