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Diner customer charged extra for ‘stupid question’

It’s actually on the menu under side dishes.
Credit: AP

DENVER — I’ll have the chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and a stupid question, please.

That’s what one customer at Tom’s Diner in Denver, Colorado ordered – but the hungry customer wasn’t expecting the sarcastic side dish.

Fox News reports the person posted a picture of a receipt on Reddit, and sure enough – there it is.

A stupid question costs $0.38.

Naturally, commenters had a field day

One wrote – “If I got paid to listen to people's stupid questions I'd probably be a billionaire.”

But, this wasn’t the work of a fed-up server, and it shouldn’t have served up any surprises. The charge for stupid questions is literally on the menu under side dishes.

me_irl from me_irl

According to NBC’s Today Show, the diner’s owner put it there about 20 years ago to cook up a little light-hearted fun for his staff.

"When we have a good fun table that engages with us or when they ask about the charge, it's always fun to add it on," Landry said to NBC.

Photo 32 of 149 for Tom's Diner - Denver, CO

And, as you’d imagine, he’s heard quite a few stupid questions over the years. One of his favorites – “Are there any dues for the turkey club sandwich?”

The person who posted the receipt on Reddit didn’t say what the offending question was, but most customers don’t seem to mind the humorous up-charge.

The New York Post reports Tom’s Diner is a neighborhood staple that was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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