SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Jason Windus gave his California neighbor something to look at during a dispute over the height of a backyard fence — naked mannequins having a garden party.

Four of the fashion dummies are seated in wicker chairs around a matching table. Another is standing with its arms over its head and shamrocks over on its breasts.

A hand-scrawled sign on top of a nearby wooden barrel reads, “Reserved seat for the nosey neighbor that complained about my fence to the city.”

Garden Party Naked Mannequins
In this Monday, March 18, 2019 photo, homeowner Jason Winduce attempts to keep a sign he wrote from tipping over in the wind after he set up a display of nude mannequins in his Santa Rosa, Calif., yard. (Kent Porter/The Press Democrat via AP)

“They wanted me to tear down my fence to see inside my yard, and now they get to,” Windus said.

Windus said he was building a 6-foot (2-meter) fence at his home in Santa Rosa so he could let his dogs out in his backyard when he got a letter from the city saying it violated an ordinance limiting such barriers along sidewalks to 3 feet (1 meter).

“It was a 6-foot fence, like everybody else’s around here,” Windus said Tuesday.

Windus asked why he was being singled out and was told City Hall was responding to a complaint.

Windus, who owns a moving company, said the mannequins he had picked up from a clothing store came to mind as he pondered how to send a message to the neighbor.

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Information from: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat,