PORTLAND, Ore. — Despite a new statewide ban, shoppers at local Walmart stores say they're still able to use plastic bags.

We wanted to Verify: Why is Walmart still offering plastic bags when they're banned?

Our source for this story is the state's guide to the plastic bag ban, which you can find online here.

The bags offered by Walmart are "reusable," and the retail giant recommends shoppers wash and reuse the bags 125 times.

According to the new state law, reusable plastic bags are not banned. However, stores have to charge customers at least 5 cents per bag.

We called several Walmart stores in the Portland area, who are charging between 5 and 10 cents per bag. 

Walmart has been expanding sales of those reusable bags across the country since April 2019. The bags are made from recycled plastic, and have a smaller carbon footprint than most single-use bags.

We can Verify: Walmart is abiding by new Oregon law by providing reusable plastic bags.

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