A weird-looking photo going around social media is raising some questions. 

It definitely shows something in the grass in the picture, but the caption claims it's a nest of tick eggs and suggests burning it. 


Does this photo show a nest of tick eggs? Should you actually burn them?

VERIFY: Are these really tick eggs?
David Tregde


No. While ticks do lay eggs, they’re much smaller and look different than whatever the substance is in the picture. 


Ticks do lay egg and you can see a picture of them at the Tick Encounter Resource Center. But tick eggs are smaller than the substance in the photo and often appear more clear with a brown or red tint.

Typically a tick is about 3mm in size, according to the CDC. The eggs would be even smaller by comparison. 

So what’s in the picture? That’s a bit harder to determine. 

The closest similar image can be seen in a Getty images stock photo titled: “Common Frog (Rana temporaria) spawn spit out by a predator, Netherlands.”