SPOKANE, Wash.— Hungry Spokane residents got the option of choosing from over 100 of their favorite restaurant meals to be delivered to their home Tuesday.

Spokane joined the growing number of cities where Uber drivers are not only providing rides, but also delivering food.

UberEATS in Spokane has partnered with over 100 local restaurants. Those include the Blackbird, Clinkerdagger, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Shari’s, Wild Dawgs, and D. Lish’s Hamburgers just to name a few.

According to Uber, food delivery services like UberEATS are trending around the world. This is because more people are staying in to eat, but cooking less home cooked meals.

UberEATS reported the most ordered foods across the globe are pizza, burgers and sandwiches.

Users can order using the UberEATS app to order, or they can order online.

UberEATS charges a $4.99 service fee in addition to the prices restaurants set the prices for their food.