OKANOGAN COUNTY, Wash. — Tonasket Police Department terminated two officers, including Chief Darin Odegaard, earlier this month, but Mayor Dennis Brown then reversed the decision that same day, but ultimately decided to fire them. 

On Dec. 17, Mayor Brown served Chief Odegaard and Officer John J. Cruz each a Notice of Termination. Mayor Brown then reversed the decision and reinstated Chief Odegaard with a Notice of Discipline. The notice held that Odegaard would have to go two weeks off-duty without pay, and Odegaard’s six month probation would be extended to 12 months. 

However, Mayor Brown later reversed the decision to reinstate Odegaard and dismissed him as chief and as an employee of the city of Tonasket. Mayor Brown also dismissed Officer Cruz again after he was reinstated by Odegaard Dec. 20 when Odegaard was reinstated as chief of police. 

BREAKING: Tonasket Police Chief Darin Odegaard has been terminated; officer John Cruz resigned this morning. Here's the news release from Tonasket City Hall.

These decisions were made due to the fact that Chief Odegaard allowed Officer Cruz, a Limited Commission Officer, to serve on a full-time basis without proper commission or training. Tonasket Police Department employed only four officers prior to the termination of the two officers.