SPOKANE, Wash. — Jason Obermiller took the witness stand Monday afternoon as part of the case where he is charged with the murder of 2-year-old Adalynn Hoyt.

Adalynn was beat to death in her South Hill home in September 2016. Obermiller said he put Adalynn to bed that night and that she was alive when he left the house.

Obermiller was one of only two witnesses the defense called to testify in this case.

Obermiller said he did not kill Adalynn Hoyt when the defense asked him about the murder.

The prosecution pushed Obermiller in their line of questioning about his actions after learning Adalynn was dead. Obermiller said Adalynn's mother Lovina Rainey called him while he was at a car wash with a friend saying the 2-year-old wasn't breathing.

“When you told detectives, when you found out that miss Adalynn Hoyt, a girl that you love, was not breathing, you had to stop and think?” A prosecutor asked.

“That's correct,” Obermiller said in response.

Obermiller admitted to stopping his friend from driving to the home to find out what was going on with Adalynn and said they could not go there. He claims he had to stay away from the home because he had an outstanding warrant.

Prosecutors asked Obermiller if he fled because of the warrant, or if he fled because he was guilty.

After a long pause, Obermiller denied this as well.

As the questions got tougher, Obermiller appeared nervous. He was fidgeting, continuously drinking water and at one point wiped his forehead.

He maintained though he did not kill Adalynn Hoyt.

The defense rested their case after Obermiller was excused from the stand. Closing arguments will be first thing tomorrow morning and then this case will go to the jury.