SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- High end sport bikes are being stolen in the Spokane area by an unknown group of thieves.

“We have a group of individuals that has been targeting more of the high end sport bikes,” said Washington State Patrol Trooper, Jeff Sevigney.

Ducatis, Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis are on the list of high end bikes that have been stolen across Spokane in the last year. Washington State Patrol said you need to take extra steps to make sure yours doesn’t end up on the stolen list. Trooper Sevigney said you should not leave high end bikes unattended in unsecure areas.

WSP believes a member of the Diplomatz Motorcycle Club is behind the thefts.

“This particular group is associated with other outlaw motorcycle gangs that we’re aware of. We have detectives that’s all they do is track these groups and the criminal enterprises that they’re involved with,” said Trooper Sevigney.

The sport bikes are lighter than other motorcycles, so a group of people could easily pick them up and put them in a trailer. Court documents said that is how the group is stealing the bikes. And one person involved admitted to stealing ten bikes in one week.

Police said once the bikes are stolen the thieves bring them to a house to change the keys. The bikes are then either stripped and sold for parts or taken to Texas or California by trailer to be sold there, according to court documents.

“If you see pickups with trailers in the area kind of driving around. That should be a cue that maybe one of these groups is around,” said Trooper Sevigney.

The group is not targeting specific areas or people, they are targeting specific motorcycles, so WSP said any high end bike is at risk.

Bikes have been stolen from all over Spokane like; Whitworth University, Holy Family Hospital, an apartment complex on Nevada, and a South Hill apartment complex near 32nd and Regal.

WSP recommends you keep your motorcycles in a garage or other secure area.

The investigation into these thefts is still ongoing.