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Search warrants reveal how much firepower Uvalde shooting suspect had in mass shooting

The two warrants were signed by a judge on May 25 and returned by state investigators on Wednesday.

UVALDE, Texas — Law enforcement investigating the mass shooting at Robb Elementary have recovered ammunition, firearms, projectile fragments, receipts, cell phones, clumps of hair and swabs from apparent blood stains found in the alleged shooter’s vehicle and home, according to new search warrants obtained by KHOU 11 Investigates.

The two warrants were signed by a judge on May 25 and returned by state investigators on Wednesday. One search warrant sought evidence from the truck that the alleged gunman Salvador Ramos, 18, had abandoned near Robb Elementary. 

The second warrant sought evidence from the Uvalde home where Ramos allegedly shot and injured his grandmother shortly before killing 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School.

Inside Ramos’ car, troopers swabbed an apparent bloodstain on the top right of the center console; took DNA samples; and found a black plastic duffle bag containing a Smith & Wesson M&P-15 and 10 unfired magazines, nine additional unfired magazines and three unfired cartridges throughout the vehicle – on the floorboards, under and on the seats, and three fired cartridge casings outside and inside the vehicle, according to the search warrant.

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Troopers also searched the home listed on Ramos’ driver’s license, the same house where he allegedly shot his grandmother. That search ended with the swabbing of two apparent blood stains, seizure of two spent casings, projectile fragments, five clumps of hair, Ramos’ ID, a bag of receipts, a Wendy’s hat, magazine wrappers, two unspent magazines, a box of .223 cartridges, a laptop, and three phones – an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and a Sonim Radio phone. The owners of the phones were not detailed, but they appear to be separate from Ramos’ iPhone 13 seized at Robb Elementary, according to the search warrant. 

The affidavit in support of the warrant was the same as the first search warrant returned earlier this week for digital information from Ramos’ iPhone 13. It describes how two male witnesses observed Ramos outside Robb Elementary loading a long rifle with a magazine and then began firing in their direction. Ramos then began firing at the school building before going inside, according to the search warrant.

After law enforcement arrived and ultimately made their way in, they observed multiple casualties in the hallways and classrooms before exchanging gunfire with Ramos and shooting him to death.

Read the two new search warrants below:

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