SPOKANE, Wash. --- After losing two good friends to suicide, Lewis and Clark student Jonathan Benecchi started a suicide prevention program at his high school.

The band student worked with his guidance counselor Kathy Blancher to start the wellness program.

“Everybody is afraid to ask the question. Are you thinking of suicide? Do you think of killing yourself?’” explained Benecchi. “We need to help those kids because not enough people are doing that."

It was his dedication to the growing problem that led Blancher to nominate him for the Credit 2 Kids award.

The program between STCU and KREM 2 highlights students doing good work in our community.

“When you read the Credit 2 Kids website, you know you have to pick…'that' kid,” explained Blancher.

Benecchi will likely put his $500 prize toward the LC Wellness group—helping teens through tough times—and finishing the high school years—on a good note.