SPOKANE, Wash. — Less than one week until Spring, and the temperatures are nearing 40 degrees in Spokane for the first time in 40 days.

The snowpack is slowly melting away, as 2 inches has melted in the past 36 hours, but there's still more than a foot of snow left to melt.

Adding on to the flooding outlook I proved yesterday, some simple tips to prevent flooding damage.

Make sure there aren't any large snow mounds or drifts against your home. Shoveling that snow aside limits the chance of any water making it into your basement or house.

For farmers and ranchers, now is the time to move personal items, equipment, or livestock out of low lying areas as the melting snow will pond into fields that usually take a very long time to drain away.

The overall flooding outlook looks average for Spring 2019. While rivers and streams that normally experience minor over-flowing will likely do so again this year, melting the snow now will prevent a larger scale flooding scenario once mountain snow runoff season gets underway in mid-April.