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People traveling from and to Las Vegas from Sea-Tac Airport Monday morning described the chaos of the mass shooting that killed over 50 people at a concert Sunday night, and how they are feeling in the aftermath.

"It's everything you heard. Just multiple machine guns. There's people dying," John Thein said, who was at the concert. "It was a total panic."

He said he lost his sandals escaping the chaos and had to run away on foot.

Matt Bolland of Seattle was at the concert with his wife.

"Just found my wife, hunkered down, and then get out. That's it, plain and simple," Bolland said of his reaction when he realized what was happening.

"I had a friend who was attending the concert so I hope he's fine. I haven't heard from him. We're all looking right now" Frederick Rolandi said.

The Mandalay Bay Resort is right next to McCarran International Airport, so travelers were affected by the shooting as well.

Don Corbett drove in from Utah to catch his flight. He described the mood Monday morning in Las Vegas as somber.

"There just seemed to be a reverence over the city where nobody was out where you would normally you'd have a lot of traffic heading to work in the morning," Corbett said. "Very much unlike Las Vegas. It's kind of a city of happening things, a lot of activity. But this, it was very quiet. Very somber and then when we got to the airport, waiting for our flight, there's a lot of people who were very emotional who were just sitting there kind of in shock."

Tim Sellard was headed to Las Vegas Monday morning and said he was waiting to hear if his company was canceling his trip.

"My wife is very concerned about whether I fly or not, go there or not. But it was a lone gunman and he's apparently dead," said Sellard.

Thein says people can't come away from this living their life scared.

"I don't know if we're going back next year, but we're not going to be scared and I don't anybody else should be either," said Thein.

"We heard gunshots and people running from the concert when we were coming back from the Miracle Mile shops to our hotel," Kenzie Schaible said. She and her husband just got married and were just leaving on their honeymoon. "We were told we couldn't get back into our hotel because there was an active shooter.