SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio Police Department officer helped save three children from a burning apartment complex Monday morning.

SAPD Officer Timmy Bowen is a more than 20 year veteran of the department.

The San Antonio Fire Department said he helped catch three kids as they jumped from a burning apartment building in the 9500 block of Lorene Lane.

A photo of Bowen with the kids he saved is going viral on Facebook.

SAFD spokesperson Woody Woodward said SAPD was on scene at the fire first, and officers heard kids screaming from the second floor.

Bowen talked three kids into jumping from a second-floor window and helped catch them.

He said, ""Its nothing that I guarantee any other officer on the team wouldn't have done.We're no the enemy we're here to help we're not here to inflect death or pain on anyone. We're here to help white, black, Hispanic, Asian, we're all the same person."

Firefighters also went into the apartment to rescue a fourth child, according to SAFD.

The fire department said the fire started around 8 a.m. at the Coronado Apartments. The cause is "suspicious" and is still under investigation.

One apartment reportedly sustained the most damage in the fire, while 2-3 others could have residual damage.