SPOKANE, Wash.—Safety is a top priority for trick-or-treaters and their parents this Halloween.

Some parents are concerned with poison candy or an increased risk of child luring during this holiday, but KREM 2 has verified those concerns were mostly urban legend.

The biggest risk for kids during Halloween is getting hit by a car, according to the Safe Kids Organization.

The Safe Kids Organization reported that children are twice as likely to get hit by a car and killed on Halloween compared to other nights.

Statistics from the Federal Highway Administration showed pedestrian deaths have increased every year since 2009.

Organizations and police recommend parents go Trick-or-Treating with their kids on Halloween and attach glow sticks, flashlights, and reflective tape to costumes so they’re easier for drivers to see.

Safe Kids Spokane said they wanted to remind drivers that kids are going to be very excited trick or treating, and may not remember to watch for cars so it is up to drivers to pay special attention on Halloween.