A pumpkin covered in racial slurs targeting Arabic people was found by a man in west Spokane. Greg Stewart-Longhurst was walking in his Sunset Hills neighborhood when he noticed a pumpkin sitting on top of a power box.

"At first I didn’t believe it,” Stewart-Longhurst said, “a racist death threat written on the stake and on the pumpkin itself.”

He didn’t expect to see anything like this in his quiet neighborhood but does think it was targeted at somebody or a group of people.

“It was intentionally put out there so people would see it as they drove out that road,” said Stewart-Longhurt. He called Crime Check and Spokane Police investigated the scene. Spokane Police do not have any current suspects in connection with this hate crime but are continuing to investigate.

“This is about hatred and causing fear and I am not going to be scared of them and I don't think my community will be or our neighborhood,” he concluded.