PULLMAN, Wash. -- She is now the fastest sandwich maker in the world, but sandwiches were not where it started.

Sara Tiegs is the manager of the Pullman Subway. She won the 2017 Sub Jammers Trophy and received the title of fastest sandwich artist in the world.

"I take pride in being one of the best around and knowing that I do a good job for my community, the college the town," Tiegs said.

Tiegs competed against 49 sandwich artist from seven countries. They were judged on speed, accuracy and sandwich appearance. She made her sandwich in 44 seconds, plus a three second penalty for an infraction.

"Quickness, efficiency, accuracy...all of those things are very important," Tiegs said.

Tiegs said a decade ago, she did not picture herself where she is now.

"I went to school to be an architect. I build beautiful sandwiches, architects build beautiful buildings so it is kind of similar," Tiegs said.

Tiegs also competed in 2015 and 2016, landing in fifth and twelfth place respectively. This year, she won $3,000 for coming in first place.