SPOKANE, Wash. – Court documents show the man accused of robbing Starbuds Cannabis on East Francis Avenue last month is also the suspect in an ATM and liquor theft from the local VFW.

James Jordan, 42, is facing charges after he was accused of shooting a Starbuds employee in the arm and stealing money and product from the store on November 21, then tied to a robbery at a local VFW.

Officials said the U-Haul truck the suspect was driving at the time of the Starbuds robbery was also used in another robbery on November 23. According to court documents, the suspect broke into a VFW on South Davis Road in Spokane Valley and took an ATM. The suspect also stole 8.5 gallons and two fifths of alcohol.

Detectives found the U-Haul on November 23, unaware of the second robbery. They took Jordan into custody and during his interview, he admitted to the robbery and shooting at Starbuds, according to court documents.

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The U-Haul, police said Jordan admitted, was stolen from a local U-Haul lot. Jordan told detectives he had recently helped a friend move and made a copy of the key. Inside the U-Haul when Jordan was taken into custody, officials found the stolen ATM.

Police later found the gun used in the Starbuds robbery in Jordan’s home.

Jordan is listed as an inmate in the Spokane County Jail. The inmate roster shows he is facing first degree robbery as well as first degree assault with a firearm charges. He is being held on $150,000 bond.