SPOKANE, Wash — Especially in Washington as speculation swirls of a potential bid by Governor Jay Inslee. He told Politico he was not ruling out a 2020 run.

So far this year, he has made appearances and speeches in Iowa and Florida. And he is headed back to Iowa to headline an event Sunday.

So how popular is he with voters right now? A recent online survey may shed some light on that question.

MorningConsult.com has released its list of America's Most and Least Popular Governors. The survey and research website partners with Politico and other media outlets.

Morning Consult conducted more than 360,000 surveys with registered voters. In each poll, voters said whether they approve or disapprove of the job performance of their governors.

Morning Consult found the ten most popular governors in the country are all Republicans. And 70 percent of the bottom ranked governors are Republicans.

Leading the pack of most popular is Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker with 70 percent approval. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is at the bottom with 17 percent approval.

If you scroll through the list of approval rankings you will find Governor Inslee in the middle of the pack. He ended up with 46 percent approval by voters surveyed.

Just above him in the poll are other potential presidential contenders. There has been speculation of possible bids from Montana Governor Steve Bullock who has 54 percent approval in this survey. And John Hickenlooper of Colorado who has garnered 50 percent approval.

Our sister station in Seattle spoke with a political strategist back in June. He said Inslee would have a shot in a presidential campaign. He cited Inslee’s experience and clear platform.

The last prominent presidential candidate from Washington was Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson in the 1970's.