SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. --- The Spokane County Sheriff said Monday he is considering legal action against a Republican state legislator after the lawmaker tried to connect SCSO to a triple homicide.

Rep. Matt Shea said on his podcast earlier this week that the firearm Roy Murry allegedly used to kill his estranged wife's mother, stepfather and brother can be traced back to Spokane County Deputy Travis Pendell.

“That is unbelievable, folks, somebody that is in jail right now, charged with a triple homicide... the gun traces back to a sheriff's deputy!" said Shea on his podcast. Shea said Pendell once exchanged guns with Murry.

The allegations outraged Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. He said he checked with the ATF and verified while Pendell did exchange guns with Roy Murry, it happened five years before the murders and was completely legal.

“I checked with the ATF and I verified it again this week,” said Knezovich. “There was nothing illegally done in this matter.”

Knezovich said a murder weapon in the Murry case has never been found.

"The murder weapon has not been recovered,” said Knezovich. “So if Matt Shea knows where that weapon is... he needs to bring it in."

Knezovich said Shea made the allegations as part of long-standing “tension” between the legislator and SCSO.

KREM 2 News reached out to Representative Shea for comment.

According to one of his assistants, Shea felt there was "no benefit" in talking to reporters, because it would have added more controversy to this situation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.