The Bernie Sanders campaign and the Washington State Democratic Party say a letter from the Hillary Clinton campaign which gives an incorrect caucus location is not believed to be malicious.

Many Sanders supporters spread the message across social media which they claim lists the wrong location of a caucus site. The letter is signed Hillary Clinton. The letterhead also indicates it is from Hillary For America.

While some have concluded its a simple mistake, many are accusing the Clinton campaign of trying to deliberately deceive Sanders supporters into going to the wrong place.

"There is nothing malicious going on," said Washington State Democratic Party spokesman Jamal Raad.

The party is still making caucus location changes, Raad said. Voters who pre-registered can expect to get an email with instructions regarding their final location once it’s set.

Raad said because this process is run largely through volunteers, some potential sites have fallen through or changed for various reasons. This most affects people who registered weeks ago.

"Caucuses are inherently a somewhat messy process," said Raad.

A spokesman for the Sanders campaign also affirms he doesn't believe anything is malicious despite allegations on social media that it's an attempt to mislead supporters.

The letter was first posted by Denise Gibbs in a Facebook message to Washington State For Bernie Sanders.

“Got a letter from HRC today," Gibbs wrote. "She politely informed me to go to my incorrect caucus location on Saturday, AND told me to only arrive 30 minutes early. I am assuming she wants me to do that, so I would not have enough time to get to my correct caucus location before the doors closed smile emoticon (LOL) Sorry Hill. My 19 year old son and I have already pre-registered, are leaving our home early, and walking the 2 blocks to our CORRECT caucus location, so we don't have to find parking, and can get in line early. ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬‪#‎StillSanders‬”

The Clinton campaign says the letter was addressed to someone else, not Gibbs. The campaign also says it is actively reaching out to let caucus-goers know the correct locations.

There are now over 100,000 people pre-registered to caucus in Washington state.

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