EVERETT, Wash. -- A Western Washington man is spearheading a drive to let voters decide if Washington state should be divided to create a new state.

Jacob Kukuk of Arlington said he is looking for candidates to run for a five-person State Establishing Board who would then craft an initiative to put before voters.

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Kukuk's group is called the State of Madison Initiative. He said he chose to name it after President James Madison because he is considered the father of the constitution.

Kukuk said there are people and businesses in the state who are suffering under the rules and taxes imposed by Washington state leaders.

He said in Madison they would have lower property taxes and more freedom to pursue business opportunities.

He also said recently passed and proposed gun laws and other measures have made people so afraid of government leaders, they are leaving the state.

In 2005 a group of state legislators proposed a similar concept. It failed.

Kukuk said his plan is different because it uses the initiative process and would follow all federal rules to create the 51st state.

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