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Friday is the deadline to register to vote in Idaho

But if you missed it, you still have options.

IDAHO, USA — In Idaho, the deadline to register to vote is 25 days before Election Day. 

With Election Day falling on November 3 this year, Friday, October 9 is the deadline.

The exact time of the deadline on Friday depends on how someone is planning on registering or updating their voting information.

Paper forms can be delivered in person to your county clerk's office, but that has to be done before the office closes at 5 p.m.

They can also be mailed, but they must be postmarked by October 9, meaning in the mailbox before the carrier's final pickup. Those are rarely later than 5 p.m.

But online registration is open until midnight. That can be done through IdahoVotes.gov

Even if you missed all those deadlines, you can still vote, just maybe not the way you want.

In Idaho, voters are allowed to register on Election Day itself, but they have to do so in-person at a local polling place. Voters can register and then vote in one fell swoop.

That does, however, mean those who have not registered by October 9 will not be able to request absentee ballots and avoid physical polling places.

Registered voters have a couple more weeks, until October 23, to get an absentee ballot request form in, if that's how they choose to vote. If they are voting in person, they don't need to do anything more until Election Day.

Registration is already through the roof in Idaho. On Wednesday, Kootenai County Clerk Jim Brannon reported the county had more than 100,000 registered voters on file for the first time ever. No election in the last decade ever even reached the 80,000 threshold.

The number of absentee requests is also high, Brannon said it set a record. Last Friday the first batch of mail-in ballots was shipped out, with more than 37,000 ballots being sent to voters.