Editor's note: The above video references ordinances recently passed by the City Council, which Councilman Mike Fagan voted to support or reject.

SPOKANE, Wash. — District 1 Councilman Mike Fagan has announced he will run for Spokane City Council President.

In a statement announcing his run, Fagan said that his goal as District 1 council member has been to "represent people, families, and businesses in Spokane."

He said he believes in a focus on prioritizing city government to properly maintain infrastructure – while providing essential services – and protecting the rights of all Spokane citizens and businesses.

Fagan said that he looks forward to working cooperatively with the new administration to ensure that city government gets back to its basic mission of Spokane residents' quality of life. 

Fagan represents District 1 in northeast Spokane. Since he served two terms on the city council, he is no longer eligible to run for re-election. That means his seat will be up for grabs. 

Former NAACP President Phil Tyler and District 2 Councilman Breean Beggs are also running for council president.

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In 2015, Spokane City Council members called on Fagan to resign from the Board of Health after he made comments about vaccines.

Fagan said he did not get vaccinations but would not “impose his opinion or will on anyone else.”

Fagan also said there are studies and pending lawsuits that question if immunizations actually help people live a healthy life. He also said he was expressing his right to free speech.

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In March of 2019, Fagan voted “yes” on an ordinance giving funds to provide rebates to businesses who invest in upping their security.

Fagan was also among the city council members who unanimously passed an ordinance in November of 2018 cracking down on people trying to pass their pets off as service animals.

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