One state lawmaker wants to make changes to the requirements for emissions testing.

Republican Sen. Marv Hagedorn is pushing to make more vehicles exempt.

He argues that better equipment and software changes make the testing unnecessary for newer cars.

Currently the law says vehicles made within the last five years don't need emissions testing.

Hagedorn's bill would roll that back creating exemptions for any cars built in 2007 or later.

“In 2007 is when the light trucks and a lot of diesel cars were upgraded their on-board diagnostic system for their computers, so you can see in our data from that point on, failures are significantly lower," said Hagedorn.

We asked Hagedorn about his own personal vehicles. He owns a 2007 Dodge Ram.

The Meridian senator says he did not decide to put forth the bill or make 2007 the cut off because of his own pickup.

Currently cars built after 1980 or before five years ago are required to undergo emissions testing every two years.

Unlike the previous standard, Hagedorn's 2007 benchmark would not move year after year.

Cars made in 2007 or newer would be exempt for the foreseeable future.

Hagedorn tell us this bill is scheduled for a hearing soon. So far, he hasn't yet got any feedback from other lawmakers.