SPOKANE, Wash. — The final ballot count for the 2019 Spokane General Election is in for Spokane, Washington state and North Idaho.

Spokane County counted 156,803 ballots in total.

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In the Spokane mayoral race, Ben Stuckart conceded to Nadine Woodward right after the first election results came in on Tuesday night. 

Woodward beat Stuckart 34,531 votes to 33,682 votes.

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In the Spokane city council president race, Breean Beggs received 33,586 votes to Cindy Wendle's 32,629 votes.

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The Spokane City Council races show Michael Cathcart, Lori Kinnear and Karen Stratton ahead in their respective races.

Stratton narrowly beat Andy Rathbun by 431 votes. 

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Proposition 2, which would keep the city of Spokane from imposing income tax on residents, is projected to pass with 45,742 votes to 17,492.

Proposition 1, which would mandate open union negotiations, is also projected to pass, with about 49,110 votes to 14,390 votes so far. 


Initiative 976, which would cap vehicle tab fees, passed.

Referendum 88, which would have allowed some types of affirmative action, failed. 

A proposed constitutional amendment to add language about "Catastrophic Incidents" to the state's constitution has passed with about 65 percent of the vote. 

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