POST FALLS, Idaho — A Post Falls-based stem cell therapy clinic says it's stepping up to what it can for veterans. The program, called "Veteran-A-Day" offers free treatment to qualified vets at Stem Cell Centers locations.

"It's kind of a passion thing," said Stem Cell Centers marketing officer Mike Pavey, a veteran himself. "We think veterans and their families are some of the greatest members of our community."

According to the Mayo Clinic, stem cells can be described as the human body's "raw materials." Locations like SCC aim to use stem cells to aid in the repair of diseased, damaged or dysfunctional body tissues. Pavey said that the stem cells SCC uses come primarily from umbilical cords.

SCC specializes in treating chronic pain and COPD, among other ailments. Pavey says those diseases can be especially hard on veterans who are disabled or down on their luck. "We see a lot of people in a lot of bad conditions that just don't have the means to do therapies like these," he said, adding that stem cell therapy traditionally isn't covered by insurance.

"These stem cell therapies, in those major categories we treat, have proven to be a very effective way of getting people resolve," Pavey said. "It was dependent on us to give back to our communities, and find a way to help those less fortunate."

To see if they qualify for stem cell treatments, interested veterans are encouraged to visit the Veteran-A-Day website at:

In a release, SCC emphasized that the program is designed for disabled and low income vets. All other veterans receive at 35 percent discount on services.

SCC started six years ago in Coeur d'Alene and is currently headquartered in Post Falls. The company has 10 clinics across the country including locations in Montana, Arizona, and Nebraska.