FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. — The Fairchild Air-Force base is the home of Mobility Guardian Training throughout September.

The training periods are a series of preparation tactics and it shows just how much the different branches in the military work together.

There’s even representation from different countries. Australia and New Zealand military members were on site today helping with mass supply loads.

U.S Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Frank talked about the benefit of working with different allies.

“To strengthen that bond that we have from country to country, you make some long-lasting friendships and you get to know what other countries riggers are like compared to how we are.”

The forces rig together supplies like food, water, and other essentials along with things like ammunition. Once they have it rigged, the Air Force will begin practicing airdrop exercises.

Tactical combat casualty care was also being taught today. These are classes for military members that are medics. It prepares them for real-life situations so they practice on dummies and go over measurements that will be needed.

Over 250 people are taking part in this course and 4,000 people are expected to participate in training this month.

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