SPOKANE, Wash.—Coffee lovers rejoice! August is National Coffee Month, which means celebrating the bold flavor.

Beyond just a cup of joe, there are a few different coffee flavored products for people who want to broaden their coffee tasting horizons.

First on the list: coffee syrup. Producers at KREM 2 said it is actually great on ice cream or yogurt. The coffee syrup can be found at Trader Joe’s.

Next up, coffee shortbread. Coffee shortbread is the perfect dessert with a little kick.

There’s coffee jelly, too! Maybe it goes on toast, or is used as an ingredient for gelatin desserts.

This next one was a little unexpected. It was espresso flavored vinegar! It is probably for cooking with, however we were not really sure.

Last but not least is cappuccino potato chips. That coffee flavored snack packs a crunch and a kick.

While these are these coffee flavored foods we came up with, there are so many more we couldn’t name them all.