SPOKANE, Wash. -- Verizon confirmed Wednesday about six million customer accounts were made publicly available.

The leak was discovered by the cyber security company UpGuard, when an employee of Nice Systems put information into a cloud storage area and allowed external access to the information. In some cases, security pins were exposed.

Security experts said the accounts of millions of Verizon customers could still be at risk after the recent data exposure. That is why they are advising customers to take the necessary steps to re-secure their accounts before their PIN gets into the wrong hands.

Verizon PIN codes are used to confirm the identity of people who call for customer service. UpGuard, the cyber security company who discovered the data breach, told CNN exposed PIN codes is a concern because it allows scammers to access someone’s phone service if they convince a customer service agent they are the account holder.

If you are a Verizon customer, UpGuard told CNN, you should change your pin and not use the same one twice.

ZDNet, the first to report the data breach said with your PIN out in the cyber world it can lead to phone number hijacking and account takeovers, which could allow hackers to break into your email and social media.

The security breach was closed on June 22. You should still change your pin and you can do so on Verizon's website.