The Internet strikes again...

You've probably seen the videos of people trying to make their kitchen broom stand up on its own.

CNN reports that's because a viral tweet claimed that NASA said  Monday was the only day the broom trick would work, because of the earth's gravitational pull. However - the claim is simply not true. The truth is if you did it Monday or any other day this could still work.

The news outlet said they couldn't find anything from NASA to support what the person claimed in the tweet.

But many people have taken social media by storm, posting videos and photos with their broom standing on its own.

11Alive Chief Meteorologist Chris Holcomb said it has nothing to do with special gravitational forces. 

"You have equal chances of doing this on any day of the year," he said.

On Twitter, #broomchallenge is trending. 

Take a look at some of the posts. 


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