DALLAS – Meteorologists and storm chasers around the country are paying tribute to Bill Paxton, who died at the age of 61 on Sunday.

Paxton’s movie career spans decades and he has been in numerous major box-office films. One film though, has resonated with meteorologists and storm chasers for years – “Twister.”

The film, released in 1996, featured Paxton as a storm chaser and weather reporter who along with his wife, played by Helen Hunt, chase down tornadoes using a custom-made device.

That movie, for all of its special effects, hit home for many and the response to Paxton's death caught the attention of Jesse Hawila, a meteorologist at KREM 2's sister station, WFAA in Dallas.

He sent out a screenshot Sunday, of hundreds of GPS/spotter locations being reset to form the initials of “B.P.” for Bill Paxton.

So far, the picture has been shared over 1,700 times.

Hollywood has also been taking the loss of Paxton especially hard. Many tweeted out their condolences Sunday ahead of The Academy Awards.