"It's the most awesome thing ever," Circle With Disney's commercial proudly claims.

And at just under a hundred bucks, the little white cube comes with a big promise. It wirelessly connects to your home network to monitor, control and report on internet activity. It does this for all the devices you have in your home and can assign each one specific limits. You can also control Circle from an app on your phone and get messages when limits are exceeded.

The premise sounded appealing to two moms who agreed to give Circle a try.

Yvonne is a mom to 4 kids, ages 4 to 14. She's interested in finding a better way to monitor her kids internet activity and screen time.

"I'm hoping that I'll be better able to see what exactly it is they're watching," said Yvonne who is a mom to four kids, ranging in age from 14 to 4.

And Kathy, mom to 2 girls.

While the moms were eager to being using Circle, the kids: not so much.

Circle with Disney pairs with your Wi-Fi network and then monitors what data is being sent through it.

The families had a few weeks before we checked back in.

Yvonne wasn't a fan.

"So it slowed down Wi-Fi in the whole house," she said. "Our TV's, our Smart TV's, and so they slowed down. Netflix wasn't working," Yvonne reported. The family went through Circle's suggestions on how to avoid internet slow-down but still found it greatly impacted Wi-Fi speed.

Circle of Disney works with its own customized app, which lets parents control what devices can access what content.

Kathy's family had better luck. "I do think it was very helpful. It's a great idea," she said adding, "I think it's going to lead to talking points. You know, when they can see in black and white how much time they are spending on it."

Kathy blocked Wi-Fi from 10 PM to 6 AM. And found her 12-year-old still spent nearly 8 hours a week on her phone; mostly using Snapchat.

Yvonne's family found Circle With Disney greatly slowed down their Wi-Fi even when they took steps to avoid it. Kathy's family liked it, but soon realized that if the girls aren't on the home Wi-Fi, you can't monitor their activity.

But parents beware, Kathy's 14-year-old easily by-passed the system by simply shutting off the Wi-Fi on her device.

Andrew Horansky: "And then she couldn't track you?"


Andrew Horansky: "How long did it take her to realize she wasn't tracking you?"

"It took her awhile."

And neither girl could be tracked whenever they left home.

"But this is perfect I think for a younger family, just kind of establishing how they're using the electronics in their home," Kathy said.

Kathy is keeping her Circle connected. "I think it provides a lot of information."

Yvonne is going back to her established routine. "Looking at their phones, seeing what they're doing, what you are watching and then having conversations," she said.

Both Kathy and Yvonne agree, there is no substitute for talking to your kids about their internet usage, talking about limits and how you will be monitoring them.

Both moms agree nothing can ever completely replace that.

Just last week, a leading cyber threat intelligence team revealed it found vulnerabilities within Circle With Disney. Their investigation happened at the beginning of the summer. Those security flaws could leave users open to being hacked. However, they immediately alerted with Disney and say the company's security team quickly pushed out automatic security updates to deal with those flaws.