SPOKANE, Wash-- One Mead High School senior celebrated a special day on Saturday when he officially became an American citizen.

Aziz Moltafet said it was one of the happiest days of his life and it wouldn't have happened without the support from his friends, family and community. The naturalization ceremony was held at Nevada Park in Spokane.

Moltafet said his family traveled as refugees around the world before they called America home five years ago. He is a father figure to his younger brothers, working and going to school.

With the help of Man the Family Up (MTFU), a social media group that builds up men in Spokane, Moltafet now has a car and can support his family even more.

MTFU couldn't miss Moltafet's big moment and was present during the ceremony.

"It's actually my first citizenship in my life so it feels really good," said Moltafet. "I feel like I am a part of something special and bigger."

MTFU has welcomed Moltafet with welcoming arms and has brought him into the brotherhood.

"We are also getting him air loom qualities of the Declaration of Independence, copies of the Bill of Rights and the pledge of allegiance that he can have for his home and pass down to his children in the future some day," said

"I am really thankful to America, to American citizens, to my fellow citizens actually now. I am very honored," said Moltafet.