MARYSVILLE, Wash. — A Marysville man is celebrating half a century of running every single day and sharing how he's able to keep it going.

Jim Pearson, 75, said for him running is like brushing your teeth.

"It just seems like an absence if I miss a day," Pearson said. "In running, if you get about a hundred days in a row in, it is like brushing your teeth, you just do it." 

Pearson, a retired school teacher, and cross country coach, said his daily running started in the 1970s after an off the cuff remark from his coach that changed his life.

"One day, my summer coach said 'Jimmy, you've got to get more consistent' and that was it," said Pearson. "After February 19, 1970, never put another zero in." 

Five years later, he set a 50-mile American record and by 1988, he made the cover of UltraRunning Magazine. He even ran the days his kids were born, from hospital rooms and occasionally in jeans. 

“Of course I’m proud of him, I think he’s crazy but it’s what he does,” said Paige Pearson, Jim Pearson’s daughter.

This week, Pearson is celebrating 50 years of running every single day. A record that hasn't come easy. 

“I’ve got pneumonia right now," Pearson explained. "What I think about then is what can I do to not make things worse. Not, am I going to do it or not."

And he's continued to do it like he's done every single day for the past half a century. 

The runs are all self-recorded and yes, they're on the honor system. However, you can find his name and records on official running websites. But Pearson said he never did all this for the recognition. 

“I was a very sickly child…not allowed to do things at recess…but I can run 50 miles," said Pearson.