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Fallbrook family deals out fun with COVID-themed card game

One family is healing with humor after almost losing a family member to the virus.

SAN DIEGO — When COVID-19 almost killed their family member, a Fallbrook Family decided to deal out some fun. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Tierrasanta to play a new card game called 'It's Contagious'.

In a backyard, next to a pool I found the Pickett family playing cards. 

"15? Okay there you go flatten the curve," said Tigre and Lola Pickett, the parents of two young children, Hudson and Lyra.

Credit: 'It's Contagious'

You just got to hand it to this Fallbrook family.  When life dealt them the coronavirus, they turned a pandemic in a family fun card game. 

Credit: 'It's Contagious'

Tigre, the father of the family turned to me and said, "It's Contagious. It really is infectiously fun." The Picketts say life under lockdown was starting to feel like the end of times. 

"The game kind of really came about after having all of this time with our children being home schooled who disappeared from their school environment and came home full time and we had to find a way to hang out and have more fun," said Tigre.  

Playing Uno was getting a bit boring,  so he and wife Lola dreamed up a game filled with colorful cards and COVID comedy.

Credit: 'It's Contagious'

"The sad toilet paper roll don't grab these," said Lola. She showed me another card. "Home haircut, with a colander and scissors because we've all been there," laughed Lola.

Before you get offended at anyone making light of deadly disease, we need to tell you about this family's dark days. Last spring, after Rich Pickett contracted COVID, he signed a do not resuscitate order and was placed on a ventilator thinking his life was over. 

"It was great hearing their voices for the first time when I came out of the ICU. It's pretty amazing," said Rich who is Tigre's father.  

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Rich survived and from that close call, the family is healing with humor. Now that grandpa is feeling better, his grandkids Lyra and Hudson show no mercy.  

"Oh. That's harsh," said Rich. "Hey, I'm glad I survived, so that I can join in on the laughter as my grandkids beat me (again) at this game!"  

The game art was designed with inclusivity and equal representation in mind, and they approached the virus with a playful tone; turning anti-bodies into superheroes and contagion into something you actually want.

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Lola explained, "You win by first of all getting rid of all of your cards and also having the lowest viral load." If the card game spreads across the world anything like the virus, I think 10-year old Hudson is getting a cut of the profits.

"The coronavirus may suck but the game is fun," laughed Hudson. "That is the third time I've said that."  

A COVID vaccine will be wonderful. Until then, laughter might just be the best medicine. "I won, I won," laughed Grandmother Jane Pickett.

The Picketts are launching a Kickstarter campaign. If you'd like to learn more about 'It's Contagious' click here.





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